Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics & Turbomachinery



· Support of Young Researchers Program                                                                                  2019-

“Numerical and theoretical investigation of the production of microbubbles with a surfactant coating via a flow focusing microfluidic device” Research project funded by The Greek Secretariat of Research with a budget of  75000 €. It is targeted towards the development of the theoretical/numerical tools that are essential for the design and optimal operation of a microfluidic device dedicated to the fabrication of such bioparticles.

· NIARXOS Foundation Scholarship                                                                                          2018-

“Interaction between a coated microbubble and a nearby wall- Effect of viscoelastic, intermolecular and acoustic forces” Research Project funded by the Niarxos Foundation with a budget of 50000 €. It is targeted towards the investigation of different numerical tools, to evaluate and distinguish the acoustic signatures of coated microbubbles in adhesion and free circulation in narrow capillaries.

· ARISTEIA  I                                                                                                                    2012-2015

“Characterization of Contrast Agents for Medical Imaging and Drug Delivery with Ultrasound via Theoretical & Numerical Analysis of Static & Dynamic Response”. Research project funded by the Greek Ministry of Education, carried out by the group led by Dr. Pelekasis as Coordinator. The total funding was 325000 € and covered the salaries of 2 PhD candidates and 3 Post Docs. Details on the activities of the project are provided in the wiki

The ARISTEIA I project provided convincing evidence regarding the mechanical behaviour of coated microbubbles as well as ways to obtain reliable estimates of their viscoelastic properties via static and acoustic measurements and the corresponding static and dynamic response patterns. The NIARXOS and Young Researcher Projects are essentially continuations of the ARISTEIA project, aiming at establishing the basis for successful implementation of such bioparticles in novel biomedical modalities.

· EUROFUSION, WPDTT1-LM5                                                                                               2011-

“Modelling activities of liquid metal PFC (Plasma Facing Components) solutions”. Participation in the EUROPEAN fusion project and the Work Package WPDTT1 dedicated to the use of liquid metals as plasma facing components in the divertor region of fusion reactors; funding ~25000 € per year. Dr. Pelekasis is the coordinator of the activity that focuses on the modelling of a capillary porous system (CPS) as a means to deliver liquid metal to the interface with plasma. 


Title: Programme of controlled thermonuclear fusion, Association EURATOM – Hellenic Republic   Code: ΕΕ2425/EURATOM
Funding: European Union (EURATOM) - GSR&T   Budget: 60,000Euro/year €
Partners: UTH (N. Vlachos-Sci.Resp., D. Valougeorgis, N. Pelekasis, D. Vavougios), NTUA, Democritus, U.Athens, U.Ioannina, FoRTH, AUTh, U.Crete, U.Cyprus   Responsible:  
Duration: 2000 - 2008