Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics & Turbomachinery


Doctoral (PhD) Theses
  1. Ioannis Ε. Sarris "Simulation of flow and transport henomena in glass melting tanks" (Advisor Ν. Vlachos) [2001]
  2. George Ν. Κoutlas "Simulation of flow and transport phenomena during titanium carbide depostion with the LCVD method" (Advisor Ν. Vlachos) [2001]
  3. Catherine Α. Baxevanou "Navier-Stokes model of aeroelastic stability of wind turbine windes in stall conditions"(Advisor Ν. Vlachos) [2003]
  4. Vasilis P. Kambanis "Interaction of wing wakes with application to the behavior of wind turnbines" (Advisor H. Stapountzis) [2004]
  5. Manolis Alygizakis "Study of mixing phenomena via large flow structures and turbulence in liquid-gas interfaces" (Advisor H. Stapountzis) [2005]
  6. Dimitris Κ. Fidaros "Mathematical simulation and study of magneto-hydrodynamic flows in curvilinear geometries" (Advisor Ν. Vlachos) [2007]
  7. Costas Α. Tsiglifis "Numerical study of bubble dynamics in the environment of acoustic excitation" (Advisor Ν. Pelekasis) [2006]
  8. Cristos D. Dritselis "Study of gas-particles turbulent two-phase flow in ducts" (Advisor Ν. Vlachos) [2007]
  9. Sotiris C. Kakarantzas "Magneto-hydrodynamic convection with internal heat sources in cylindrical ducts" (Advisor Ν. Vlachos) [2008]
  10. M. Vlachomitrou " Numerical study of boundary layer interaction with a growing liquid film over a solid surface” (Advisor Ν. Pelekasis) [2008]
  11. P. Kapsalis, ‘Control of boundary layer transition, delay of separation and optimization of airfoil performance, using active flow control’, 2016 (Advisor N. Vlachos)
  12. D. Dimopoulos, " Computational/theoretical study of 3d MHD stability of free convection flows in ducts", 2013 (Advisor N. Pelekasis).
  13. A. Iatridis, “Study of Magnetohydrodynamic turbulent flow and heat transfer in ducts of Fusion reactors: Flow transition”, 2012 (Advisor N. Vlachos)
  14. K. Efthimiu “Boundary element study of the interaction between a coated bubble and a nearby surface due to an acoustic disturbance”, 2015, (Advisor N. Pelekasis).
  15. A. Lytra, “Numerical & theoretical study of the static response of coated microbubbles subject to uniform and distributed load-application on the estimation of the shell elastic properties”, 2017, (Advisor N. Pelekasis).
  16. E. Benos, ‘First principles study of the static arrangement of a plasma facing component in the form of a capillary porous system (cps)”, 2018 (Advisor N. Pelekasis).