Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics & Turbomachinery


Doctoral (PhD) Theses

01. Ioannis Ε. Sarris "Simulation of flow and transport henomena in glass melting tanks" (Advisor Ν. Vlachos) [2001]
02. George Ν. Κoutlas "Simulation of flow and transport phenomena during titanium carbide depostion with the LCVD method"
(Advisor Ν. Vlachos) [2001]
03. Catherine Α. Baxevanou "Navier-Stokes model of aeroelastic stability of wind turbine windes in stall conditions"
(Advisor Ν. Vlachos) [2003]
04. Vasilis P. Kambanis "Interaction of wing wakes with application to the behavior of wind turnbines" (Advisor H. Stapountzis) [2004]
05. Manolis Alygizakis "Study of mixing phenomena via large flow structures and turbulence in liquid-gas interfaces" (Advisor H. Stapountzis) [2005]
06. Dimitris Κ. Fidaros "Mathematical simulation and study of magneto-hydrodynamic flows in curvilinear geometries" (Advisor Ν. Vlachos) [2007]
07. Constantine Α. Tsiglifis "Numerical study of bubble dynamics in the environment of acoustic excitation" (Advisor Ν. Pelekasis)
08. Cristos D. Dritselis "Study of gas-particles turbulent two-phase flow in ducts" (Advisor Ν. Vlachos) [2007]
09. Sotiris C. Kakarantzas "Magneto-hydrodynamic convection with internal heat sources in cylindrical ducts" (Advisor Ν. Vlachos) [2008]
10. Maria Vlachomitrou "Title ????" (Advisor Ν. Pelekasis) [2009]
1. Kapsalis, P., ‘Delay of boundary layer separation using active flow control’, in progress (Adv. N. Vlachos, Committee - 6 Feb. 2009)
2. D. Demopoulos, "Stability of Magnetohydrodynamic flows in ducts", in progress (Adv. N. Pelekasis - Committee Oct. 2009)
2. Iatridis, Α., ‘Study of Magnetohydrodynamic flow and transport phenomena in ducts’, in progress (Adv. N. Vlachos, Committee - 10 March 2009)
3. Benos, E., ‘CFD Modeling of MHD flow and transport phenomena in plasmas’, in progress (Adv. N. Vlachos-N. Pelekasis, admitted Oct. 2009)