Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics & Turbomachinery


Papathanasiou Athanasios  (Assoc. Professor)
Professor, PhD'91 McGill University, Canada
Molding Processes and Rheological Properties of Polymer Composite Media

Tel:+30 24210 74016
Email: athpapathan (AT)

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Pelekasis Nikos  (Professor/Director)
Professor, PhD'91 State University of New York at Buffalo, USA
Computational Fluid Dynamics

Tel:+30 24210 74102
Email: pel (AT)

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Stapountzis Herricos  (Assoc. Professor)
Professor, PhD'79 Imperial College London, UK
Fluid Mechanics & Turbomachinery

Tel:+30 24210 74003
Email: erikos (AT)

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Vlachos Nicholas
(1992-2010)  (ret. Professor UTH/ex Director LFM&T)
Emeritus Professor
Fluid Mechanics, Pumps & Turbomachines

Tel:+30 24210 74094
Email: vlachos (AT)

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Grecos Alkis  (ret. Faculty ULB, Visiting Researcher Euratom)
Dr Researcher
Energy, Processes & Pollution Abetement

Email: agrecos (AT)

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Sarris Ioanis  (Postdoctoral Researcher - Visting Teacher)
Postdoctoral Researcher
Energy, Processes & Pollution Abetement

Tel:+30 24210 74090
Email: sarris (AT)

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Tsiglifis Kostantinos  (Postdoctral Researcher, Visiting Teacher)

Tel:+30 24210 74317
Email: kostastsigklifis (AT)

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Vlachomitrou Maria  (Postdoctoral Researcher)

Tel:24210 74317
Email: mavlacho (AT)

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Dritselis Christos  (Postdoctoral Researcher)

Email: dritseli (AT)

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Kakaratzas Sotiris  (Postdoctoral Researcher (presently at ULB))

Tel:24210 74091
Email: skakara (AT)

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Dimopoulos Dimitrios  (Doctoral Candidate)

Tel:+30 24210 74317
Email: dimopoulos (AT)

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Zisimatou Afroditi  (Doctoral Candidate)

Tel:24210 74287
Email: azisima (AT)

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Iatridis Aleksandros  (Doctoral Candidate)

Tel:+30 24210 74091
Email: iatrid (AT)

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Kapsalis Panagiotis  (Doctoral Candidate)

Tel:+30 4210 74085

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Benos Eleytherios  (Doctoral Cancidate)

Tel:+30 24210 74092
Email: lefterisbenos (AT)

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Benos Eleytherios  (Polychronopoulos Nikos - Graduate Student)

Tel:+30 24210 74092
Email: lefterisbenos (AT)

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Vergos Athanasios  (Technical Support - Machine Shop)
Highschool Graduate

Tel:+30 24210 74084
Email: avergos (AT)

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Dafereras Anastasios  (Technical Support - Electronics)

Tel:+30 24210 74079
Email: adafereras (AT)

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Cholevas Nikos  (Technical Support - Informatics)
Physisist, Aristotele University of Thessaloniki
Technical support of computer systems at the Department

Tel:+30 24210 74074
Email: nxol (AT)

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Lihnaropoulos Ioannis  (Technical Support)
Mathematician, University of Ioannina,
MSc, PhD University of Thessaly
Computer Programming and Applied Mathematics

Tel:+30 24210 74340
Email: jlihnarop (AT)

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Zoupi Zoe  (Secreterial/Acounting Support)
Degree in Social Policy & Social Antropology, Panteion Unversity
Secretary Division of Energy, Processes & Pollution Abatement

Tel:+30 24210 74085
Email: zoupi (AT)

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