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Students Theses
Supervision of PhD Dissertations
1. Sotiria Houliara,
'Computational Techniques in Structural Stability of Thin-Walled Cylindrical Shells' (completed, March 2008)
2. Daniel Vasilikis,
'Structural Behavior and Stability of Metal Shells with Lateral Confinement' (completed, December 2012)
3. Polynikis Vazouras, (co-advising with P. Dakoulas)
'Mechanical Behavior of Buried Steel Pipelines under Ground-Induced Actions' (in progress)
4. George E. Varelis,
'Ultimate Capacity of Steel Structural Members under Strong Cyclic Loading' (in progress)
5. Patricia Pappa,
'Computational Methods for Shell Buckling in the Plastic Range' (in progress)
6. Aglaia Pournara,
'Structural integrity of steel oil & gas pipelines with local wall distortions' (in progress)
7. Maria Vathi
'Structural behavior of liquid storage steel conatiners under strong dynamic excitation' (in progress)
8. Giannoula Chatzopoulou
'Structural behavior of metal tubular members under strong cyclic loading' (in progress)

Supervision of Graduate Diploma Theses
1. Evaggelia Zissopoulou, September 2003
'Sway Stability of Plane Steel Frames'.
2. Lazaros A. Patkas, February 2005
'Sloshing in Liquid Vessels Under Seismic Loads; Semi-analytical Variational Solution'.
3. Sotiria Houliara, February 2005
'Structural Stability of Cylindrical Elastic Shells under Pressurized Bending'.
4. Thanasis Pantazis, September 2006
'Stability of Confined Cylinders'.
5. Michael Kavouras, September 2007
'Buckling of Complete Elastic Spherical Shells'
6. Daniel Vasilikis, February 2008
'Stability of Confined Thin-Walled Steel Cylinders under External Pressure'.
7. Sophia Makri, February 2008
'Structural Stability of Tubular Members within the Eurocode design Framework'.
8. Patricia Pappa, September 2008
'Numerical Simulation of Mechanical Behavior of Industrial Elbows'.
9. George E. Varelis, February 2010
'Application of the Armstrong-Frederick Cyclic Plasticity Model for Simulating Structural Steel Member Behavior'.
10. Aglaia E. Pournara, February 2011
'Finite Element Analysis of High-Strength Steel Beam-Columns'.
11. Evangelia Koritsa, February 2013
'Buckling of Ring-Stiffened Tubular Members'.
12. Dimitra Testa, July 2013
'Finite Element Simulation of Cold-Bending Tube Manufacturing'.
13. Giannoula Chatzopoulou, February 2014
'UOE Pipe Forming Simulation using Advanced Cyclic-Plasticity Models'.

Supervision of Diploma Theses
1. Dimitris Pagkarliotas, February 2002,
'Finite Element Analysis of Plates and Shells'.
2. Charis Eleftheriadis, July 2002
'Finite Element Analysis of the Ultimat Strength of Elastoplastic Cylindrical Shells Under Lateral Loads and Pressure.
3. Evaggelos Giakoumatos, July 2002
'Nonlineat Finite Element Analysis of Steel Pipe Elements Under Pressure and Bending'.
4. Vasilis Gkaras, July 2002 (co-advising with C. Papadimitriou)
'Numerical and Experimental Structural Identification'.
5. John Katheniotis, July 2002
'Verification Methodology and Estimate of Condition Index of Highway Bridges'.
6. John Assaniotis, October 2002
'Finite Element Analysis and Design of Industrial Chimney in Seismic Loads'.
7. George Anagnostou, July 2003
'Finite Element Analysis of the Ultimate Capacity of Welded Tubular Connections'.
8. Lazaros A. Patkas, September 2003
'Finite Element Analysis of Propagating Buckles and their Arrest'.
9. Dimitris Tsouvalas, September 2003
'Finite Element Analyss of the Ultimate Strength of Industrial Pipes Under Bending and Pressure'.
10. Odysseas Xydakis, September 2003
'Finite Element Stability Analysis of Stiffened Plates' .
11. Manolis A. Platyrrachos, July 2004
'Finite Element Analysis of Sloshing in Industrial Vessels'.
12. Kyros P. Andreadakis, July 2004
'Analytical Methods and Finite Element Analysis of Elastoplastic Cylindrical Shells Subjected to Lateral Loads'.
13. Evaggelia Dama, July 2005
'Fatigue of Locally Buckled Underground Steel Pipelines. Finite Element Simulation and Design'.
14. Katerina Pappa, July 2005
'Finite Element Analysis of Pressure Vessels and Tanks Under Local Loads. Design of Nozzles and Saddle Supports'.
15. Stephanie Tsetseni, July 2005
'Effect of Weld-Induced Stresses on the Ultimate Capacity of Steel Tanks. Finite Element Simulation'.
16. Eleni Fiamegou, July 2005
'Finite Element Simulation of Deteriorating Ultimate Strength in Cast Iron Pipelines'.
17. Patricia Pappa, July 2006
'Stress Analysis of Industrial Piping-Finite Elements and Analytical Solutions'.
18. George Rallis, July 2006
'Finite Element Analysis of Local Stresses in Industrial Pressure Vessels'.
19. Daniel Vasilikis, July 2006
'Finite Element Analysis and Buckling of Tight-Fit-Pipes under External Pressure'.
20. Dimitris Papaprokopiou, July 2007
'Finite Element Sloshing Analysis in Axi-symmetric Vessels'.
21. Maria Vathi, July 2008
'Finite Element Simulation of UOE Pipe Manufacturing Process'.
22. Vasilis N. Kelantonis, July 2009
'Seismic Design of Industrial Tanks and Pressure Vessels'.
23. Aris Kampanis, July 2010
'Seismic Design of Liquid Storage Tanks. A Comparison of Current Design Specifications'
24. George Katsikoyiannis, February 2013
'Linear and Nonlinear Sloshing Analysis in Liquid Storage Tanks Under Dynamic Excitation'
25. Panagiotis Amarianos, September 2013
'Strength and Fatigue of Nozzles in Industrial Pressure Vessels'


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