Herricos Stapountzis : Recent publications

(1999-2002) and Gallery of Flow Visualisations


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Computed velocity vectors in and around a cylindrical cavity in cross flow using FLUENT, Ref. [8]




Cylindrical cavity in cross flow. Dye flow visualisation in water channel, flow from right to left. (a) outflow



(b) Visualisation along cavity diameter



(c) Indicator of shear stress on bottom of cavity









Interaction of airfoil with steady cylinder wake

Water towing tank. Cylinder and Airfoil steady.





Cylinder steady. Airfoil moving downwards






Interaction of steady airfoil with moving cylinder wake

Cylinder moving downwards. Flow from left to right. Computed vorticity contours [11]






Abrasion of flat surface by normally impinging circular jet of air - solid particles. No cross flow [10]






Abrasion of flat surface by inclined impinging jet of air - solid particles. Jet flow comes from left.




Abrasion of cylindrical surface by normally impinging circular jet of air - solid particles. Jet axis through cylinder center plane.





Evaporation of kerosene oil and chalk powder mixture from a flat surface due to normally impinging circular air jet [2]




Normally impinging jet. Contour plot of computed velocity magnitude using FLUENT [5]



Smoke flow visualisation, oblique jet impingement on flat surface [7]



Smoke flow visualisation, off-center jet impingement on cylindrical surface






Measured heat transfer around the stagnation point for normal jet impingement ( = 0 deg) on a flat surface. h=distance from surface, D = jet nozzle inside diameter [2], [6]











Dissolution of water paint layer by normally impinging water jet. Flow visualisation in water tank. 10 s intervals [7]


Computed velocity magnitude for two axisymmetric steady parallel jets using FLUENT [1]




Mixing by large vortical structures near the free surface of air - water flows [12]

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