Lihnaropoulos Ioannis

Mathematician, University of Ioannina,
MSc, PhD University of Thessaly
Computer Programming and Applied Mathematics

Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Thessaly
Leoforos Athinon, Pedion Areos,
38334 Volos, Greece

Tel:+30 24210 74340

Email: jlihnarop (AT)

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  • 1992 Bachelor Degree on Mathematics (University of Ioannina, Greece)
  • 2008 Postgraduate Degree (Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Thessaly, Greece)
  • 2014, Ph.D. Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Thessaly
Short CV - Research interests
Research Interests
Flows far from thermodynamic equilibrium. Transient rarefied gas flows. Kinetic theory of gases. Analytic and numerical study of transport phenoma. Integro-differential equations (Boltzmann equation). Microflluidics. Vacuum technology. Numerical methods.
Selected publications
  • K. Ritos, J. Lihnaropoulos, S. Naris and D. Valougeorgis, “Pressure and temperature driven flows through triangular and trapezoidal microchannels", Heat Transfer Engineering, 32, 1101-1107, (2011). Download
  • J. Lihnaropoulos and D. Valougeorgis, "Unsteady vacuum gas flow in cylindrical tubes", Fusion Engineering and Design, 86, 2139-2142, (2011). Download
  • J. Lihnaropoulos, O. Buchina and D. Valougeorgis, "Starting flow in long rectangular microchannel over the whole range of the Knudsen number", Proceedings of the 2nd European Conference on Microfluidics, Toulouse, (2010). Download
  • Y. Lihnaropoulos, O. Buchina, D. Valougeorgis, "Unsteady rarefied gas flow between parallel plates", Proceedings of the 2nd GASMEMS Workshop, Les Embiez, 2010
  • S. Varoutis, J. Lihnaropoulos, D. Mathioulakis, A.Tserepi and D. Valougeorgis, “Estimation of the Poiseuille number and of the exact hydraulic diameter in rarefied gas flows through channels of various cross sections”, 1st European Conference on Microfluidics (mFlu’08), Bologna, Italy, (2008). Download
  • J. Lihnaropoulos, S. Naris and D. Valougeorgis, “Formulation and stability analysis of rapidly convergent iteration schemes for 2D discrete velocity calculations,” Transport Theory and Statistical Physics, 36(4-6), 513-528, (2007). Download
  • I. Lichnaropoulos, N. Glinos (1999) "Student Modelling in an Inductive Learning Environment" In (E+E) Electrotechnica and Electronics, (Computers Section), pp. 58-62, Sofia Bulgaria