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8/04/11 10th School of Fusion Science & Technology (9-13 May 2011)
The 10τh Fusion School will take place from 9 to 13 May 2011 in Volos - Univ. of Thessaly, Auditoria Planning & Mechanical Engineering Information: Dr Chris Dritselis - tel. 24210.74075 - Mrs Zoe Zoupi - tel. 24210.74085 - Prof. Nicholas Vlachos - tel. 24210.74094 -
30/03/11 Prof. N. Vlachos' reply - Ceremony at 7th Natl Conf. of Fluid Phenomena
Dear Colleagues and Friends, I thank you warmly for the honour you bestow upon me today. Undoubtedly Fluids is the subject matter of many applications in our life, such as energy, environment, transport, fusion, but also the flow of blood in our arteries and of air in our lungs. The flow of fluids is a particularly nonlinear phenomenon that makes it unique in images but also in difficulty. While the Navier-Stokes equations have been proposed since 1840, there exist very few analytical solutions until today. Experiments are very expensive and have provided measurements only in points or limited measurements in a plane, while we are very far from measurements in a volume. Computational Fluid Dynamics has provided interesting and useful results, while Molecular Hydrodynamics present a new very promising approach. I thank the organizers of FLOW2010, for this honour; my friend prof. Ap. Goulas, the initiator of this conference prof. G. Bergeles, and certainly our untiring colleague Kyros Yakinthos for organizing this honouring ceremony. My dear Fellows - Besides the life that they gave me, my parents taught me to think and to work honestly. I owe my good life to my teachers, to my brothers and sister, and to my wife. My career is due to the Technical University of Athens and to Imperial College in London. I owe my return to Greece – after 21 years – to the University of the Aegean that elected me as member of Faculcty in 1991. I am indebted to the University of Thessaly and to my colleagues for 18 continuous years of productive academic contribution in Thessaly. Whatever we have achieved is due to our students and colleagues who worked with enthusiasm and devotion, and for this I am grateful to them. The support of the University of Thessaly, the General Secretariat for R&T and EURATOM was catalytic for the newly founded Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics & Turbomachines. I am particularly indebted to them for mandating no other terms, beyond developing and producing good research. My Friends - From what you it has been said today it appears that I have contributed a little to the science of Fluids and to Universities, and you make me to feel proud. I sleep quietly during nights because, as my blind-by-accident brother prompted me, I had always peace in my mind: «The good academic road I followed, my university oath I kept». I thank you from my heart for the special honour and for the commorative plaque that will decorate my office. Thessaloniki 13 November 2010 Nicholas Sp. Vlachos
21/12/10 Prof. N. Pelekasis, new director of the Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics & Turbomachinery
As of 1/9/2010, assoc. professor Nikos Pelekasis is the new director of LFM&T, after the retirement of prof. N. Vlachos. The members of LFM&T wish him all Good Success in his new post.
21/12/10 The 7th National Conference of Fluid Flow honoured the ex director of LFM&T-UTH
In a special session of the 7th National Conference of Fluid Flow (Thessaloniki 12-13 Nov. 2010) the ex Director of LFM&T and ret. professor of UTH, N. Vlachos, for his contributions to Fluids and to university Εducation.
21/12/10 Participation in the 7th National Conference of Fluid Flow Phenomena
Members of LFM&T participated in the 7th National Conference of Fluid Flow Phenomena organized in Thessaloniki 12-13 November 2010. They presented (4) papers and (1) poster on recent research. The conference Proceedings are available at the Website of LFM&T of the University of Thessaloniki:
3/02/10 Visit of Prof. N. Vlachos for collaboration and a lecture at Imperial College - London
Prof. N. Vlachos visited (25-28/1/2010) Imperial College - London for collaboration with Professors Ioannis Hardaloupas and Alex Taylor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He gave a seminar entitled: CFD modelling of Magnetohydrodynamic flows for Fusion-ITER applications. He also visited the Tribology Unit and collaborated with Dr Stathis Ioannides (ex Director of research at SKF). Finally, he visited Prof. Michael Leschziner of the Aeronautics Department for collaboration in the framework of ERCOFTAC.
3/02/10 Visit of Dr I. Sarris at ULB for research in Fusion
Dr Ioannis Sarris is (19/1/10 - 17/2/10 at the free University of Bruxelles for collaboration with Prof. D. Carati, in the framework of Mobility of researchers of the Fusion programme (EUratom)
18/12/09 Participation in the Annual Festival of Ercoftac - Lausanne (1-2/10/2009)
Prof. Ν. Vlachos participated in the Annual Festival of the European Research Community Of Flow Turbulence And Combustion in Lausanne (1-2/10/2009) representing the Hellenic Pilot Centre of ERCOFTAC. He also participated as a Judge in the awarding of the DaVinci Prize for the best european PhD on Flow Turbulence and Combustion for 2008-2009.
18/12/09 Presentation at International Symposium on Bifluids in Munich
Prof. N. Vlachos presented a research work of the FM&T Lab at the International Symposium on Biofluids in Munich on Saturday 12/9/2009, entitled: Effect of particle concentration on the flow rate distribution in bifurcations, by V. Alexopoulos, E. Dimitriou, C. Dritselis and N. Vlachos
18/12/09 Seminars of Annual Progress in Fusion Research
On Thursday 17-12-2009 the seminars of annual progress in Fusion research at UTH were held. Presentations were made by postdoc researchers Dr C. Dritselis and Dr I. Sarris, as well as by the doctoral candidates D. Dimopoulos and S. Misdanitis.
9/09/09 Participation of FM&TL in the THMT09 - Rome 14-18 Sepτ. 2009
The FM&TL participates in the 6th Intl Symposium on Turbulence, Heat & Mass Transfer in Rome (14-18 Sept. 2009) with the papers: [1] "DNS simulation of liquid metal flow in annuli under the effect of a magnetic field and volumetric heating" by S. Kakarantzas, I. Sarris, A. Grecos & N. Vlachos [2] "On the effect of a transverse magnetic field on the coherent structures near the wall of a channel flow" by C.Dritselis & N.Vlachos
9/09/09 Participation of FM&TL in the 3rd Munich Intl Symposium on Biofluid Mechanics
FMTL is participating in the 3rd Munich Intl Symposium on Biofluid Mechanics with a paper entitled "Effect of particle concentration on the flow rate distribution in bifurcations" by V. Alexopoulos, E. Dimitriou, C. Dritselis, N. Vlachos in the framework of the World Congress of Biomechanics ( Prof. N.S. Vlachos will also collaborate with Prof. Dieter Liepsch of the Institut Biomechanik e.V. of Munich
9/09/09 Dr I. Sarris at the ITM Meeting - Julich-Germany
Dr Ι. Sarris participated in the meeting on ITM (Integrated Tokamak Modelling) at Julich-Germany in the framework of the Fusion project (Association Euratom - Hellenic Republic)
9/09/09 Dr Chris Dritselis at the Forsungszentrum Karlsruhe
Dr Chris Dritselis is at the Forsungszentrum Karlsruhe for cooperation with Dr Leo Buehler on topics of CFD modelling interaction of particles with magnetohydrodynamic turbulence (Sep. 2009 - Euratom Mobility)
9/09/09 Dr Sot. Kakarantzas at ULB as postdoctoral researcher
Dr Sot. Kakarantzas is at the Universite Libre des Bryxelles (ULB) for cooperation with Prof. Bernard Knaepen as PostDoc researcher from June 2009
9/09/09 Participation of Fluids Lab in the 11th Intl Conf. of Environmental Science & Technology
FMTL contributed a paper to the 11th Intl Conf. of Environmental Science & Technology (Chania 3-5Sep09) entitled "Modelling of droplet deposition in two-phase gas-liquid annular pipe flows for environmental applications" by C.D. Dritselis & N.S. Vlachos. Prof. N.S. Vlachos also chaired a 3-hour session on Water Treatment (Friday 4/9/2009 5-8pm)
9/09/09 6th School on Physics & Technology of Fusion
The Sitxh Fusion School will take place from 26 to 31 March 2007 in Volos - University of Thessaly, Mechanical Engineering Auditorium Information: Zoe Zoupi - tel. 24210.74085 - Prof. Nicholas Vlachos - tel. 24210.74094 -
9/09/09 7th School on Fusion Physics & Technology
9/09/09 8th School on Fusion Physics & Technology