Scope and Topics

The summer school "Wave Patterns and Interactions in Advection-Dominated Flows" is organized in the frame of Marie-Curie Initial Training Network MULTIFLOW. MULTIFLOW hosts a  collaboration of ten academic and industrial institutions, aiming at improved understanding and controlling of interfacial phenomena in multiphase fluid dynamics. By fostering the mobility and interdisciplinarity of a strong group of early-stage researchers, the network aims to: (i) create a multi-disciplinary, highly innovative and intersectorial training pool in the field of multi-scale interfacial fluid dynamics; (ii) generate new tools and techniques for the theoretical-numerical-experimental investigation of such flows.

The summer school offers theory, simulation and experiment in such interfacial flows where advection is not negligible. It is a combination of tutorial and research talks offered by senior scientists, complemented by shorter talks of our early-stage researchers (ESRs) who are close to completion of their PhD theses.

The program is built around the following key topics: