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  MONDAY, 16/7 TUESDAY, 17/7 WEDNESDAY, 18/7 THURSDAY, 19/7 FRIDAY, 20/7
9:15-10:00 D. Papageorgiou D. Tseluiko U. Thiele R. Craster R. Craster
10:15-11:00 D. Papageorgiou D. Tseluiko U. Thiele R. Craster R. Craster
11:00-11:30 Coffee Break
11:30-12:15 A. Oron D. Papageorgiou N. Andritsos U. Thiele Y. Trifonov
12:30-13:15 A. Oron D. Papageorgiou G. Dietze N. Pelekasis Y. Trifonov
13:15-15:30 Lunch and Coffee Break
15:30-16:15 Ph. Beltrame V. Bontozoglou Short Presentation of Posters M. Pradas J. Tsamopoulos
16:30-17:15 Ph. Beltrame V. Bontozoglou   S. Yiantsios J. Tsamopoulos
17:15-17:45 Short Break
17:45-18:00 S. Duruk S. Chakraborty A. Archer Z. Cao
18:00-18:15 M. Galvagno R. Vellingiri Visit to Makrinitsa. Dinner in Portaria * M. Mülayim P. Yatsyshin
18:15-18:30 H. Lopez P.-K. Nguyen L. Riolfo A. Georgantaki
18:30-18:45 G. Lavalle L. Bourdache A. Rambaud  
18:45-19:00 N. Kofman E. Shatskiy C. Cummins  


POSTERS: In exposition throughout the duration of the school
H. Agogo A.J. Mendoza R. Monjarret A. Kalogirou M. Domanski   **


* It is possible to organize on Saturday 21/7 a daily trip to Pelion mountain and a sea resort on the Aegean side. Please, express your interest at registration.

** Any student with oral presentation, wishing also to bring a poster, is welcome