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Laboratory of

Thermodynamics & Thermal Engines

University of Thessaly, Pedio Areos, GR-383 34 Volos

Tel.+30 24210 74097, 74053, Fax. +30 24210 74096


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Recent PhD Thesis

Dimitri Tziourtzioumis: Experimental Investigation of the steady state and transient operation of Diesel Engines fuelled by high percentage biodiesel blends. Volos, June 2012


George Konstantas: Development and Application of a Computer Aided Engineering Methodology Supporting the Design Optimization of Automotive Exhaust Treatment Systems. Volos, June 2006


George Stratakis: Experimental Investigation of Catalytic Soot Oxidation a and Pressure Drop Characteristics in Wall-Flow Diesel Particulate Filters.

Volos, January 2004


George Pontikakis: Modeling, Reaction Schemes and Kinetic Parameter Estimation in Automotive Catalytic Converters and Diesel Particulate Filters.

Volos, June 2003

Recent MSc Thesis

Dimitri Τziourtzioumis: Simulation and Experimental Validation of Steady State Operation of a Turbocharged, Common Rail HDI Diesel Engine running on Biodiesel blends Volos, February 2010

Olympia Zogou: Transient Simulation of a Combined Cycle Trigeneration System Fuelled by Natural Gas Volos, July 2007

Dimitri Psarianos: Development of a System for the Measurement of Soot Maldistribution and Pressure Drop Characteristics in Diesel Particulate Filters.

Volos, April 2002

Recent Conference Papers

·         Optimization of Thermal Performance of a Building with Ground Coupled Heat Pump System, ECOS 2006 International Conference on Efficiency, Cost, Optimization, Simulation and Environmental Impact of Energy Systems, July 12- 14 2006, Aghia Pelagia, Crete, Greece

·         Computer-Aided Design Engineering of Diesel Filter Systems Joint Meeting of the Italian and the Greek Section of the Combustion Institute, 17- 19 June 2004, Corfu Island, Greece

·         3-D Catalytic Regeneration and Stress Modeling of Diesel Particulate Filters by ABAQUS FEM Software. SAE paper 2002-01-1017. 2002 SAE International Congress, Detroit, MI.

·         Some Empirical Observations on Diesel Particulate Filter Modeling and Comparison between Simulations and Experiments SAE paper 2000-01-477

·         Modeling of Hydrocarbon Trap Systems SAE paper 2000-01-0655

Selection of Journal Papers (1994 - today)

·         A.Stamatelos: Experience Gained from the Application of Basic Quality Assurance Procedures in a Greek University Engineering Department.  European Journal of Engineering Education Vol.35 Iss. 2, May 2010, 1469-5898.

·         O. Zogou and A. Stamatelos: Application of Building Energy Simulation in the Sizing and Design Optimization of an Office Building and its HVAC Equipment. Chapter 9 in: Energy and Buildings: Efficiency, Air Quality & Conservation (Ed: J. Utrick), ISBN:978-160741049-2, NOVA Science Publishers, 2009

·         D. Tziourtzioumis, L. Demetriades, O. Zogou and A. Stamatelos: Experimental investigation of the effect of a B70 biodiesel blend on a common rail, passenger car Diesel engine. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Vol. 223 Part D: J. Automobile Engineering, 685-701, 2009

·         Stamatelos, G. and Stamatelos, A.: “The Role of Engineering Laboratories in the Establishment of a Quality Culture in Higher Education in Greece European Journal of Engineering Education Vol. 34, Iss. 1, March 2009, 1–13

·         Tziourtzioumis, Dimitrios and Stamatelos, Tassos (2008) "Design Improvements in a 30,000 kcal/h Air Furnace, assisted by CFD and Infrared Thermography" The Open Fuels & Energy Science Journal, 2008, 1, 79-90 Available at:

·         Optimization of Thermal Performance of a Building with Ground Source Heat Pump System, Energy Conversion and Management, Vol 48/11 pp 2853-2863, 2007

·         Konstantas, George and Stamatelos, Tassos (2007) "A Unified Approach for Modeling Three-Way Catalytic Converters and NOx Traps with a Minimum Set of Tunable Parameters," Chemical Product and Process Modeling: Vol. 2 : Iss. 3, Article 15. Available at:

·         Modeling Three-way Catalytic Converters: An effort to predict the effect of Precious Metal Loading. Proc Instn Mech Engrs, Vol. 221, Part D: J. Automobile Engineering (2007) 355-373.

·         3-D Catalytic Regeneration Modeling of SiC Diesel Particulate Filters. ASME Transactions, J. Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, Vol.128, Issue 2, April 2006, 421-433

·         Identification of Catalytic Converter Kinetic Model Using a Genetic Algorithm Approach. Proc Instn Mech Engrs, Vol. 218 Part D: J Automobile Engineering (2004) 1455-1472

·         Three-Way Catalytic Converter Modelling as a Modern Engineering Design Tool. ASME Transactions, J. Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, Vol. 126, Issue 4, October 2004 906-923

·         Flow Maldistribution Measurements in Wall-Flow Diesel Filters. Proc Instn Mech Engrs, Vol. 218, Part D: J. Automobile Engineering (2004) 995-1009.

·         Kinetic Parameter Estimation by Standard Optimization Methods in Catalytic Converter Modeling. Chem. Eng. Comm. 191(11) 2004, 1473-1501

·         Quality Assurance of Exhaust Emissions Test Data. Proc Instn Mech Engrs Vol. 218, Part D: J. Automobile Engineering (2004) 901-914

·         Experimental Validation of a Fuel Additive Assisted Regeneration Model in SiC Diesel Filters. Proc Instn Mech Engrs Vol. 218, Part D: J. Automobile Engineering (2004) 729-744

·       Flow distribution Effects in the Loading and Catalytic Regeneration of Wall-Flow Diesel Particulate Filters Proc Instn Mech Engrs Vol. 218 Part D: J. Automobile Engineering (D2) 203-216 (2004)

·         Thermogravimetric Analysis of Soot Emitted by a Modern Engine Run on Catalyst-Doped Fuel. Combustion and Flame, 132 (2003) 157-169

·         Experimental Investigation of the Role of Soot VOF in the Regeneration of Diesel Filters Proc Instn Mech Engrs Vol 217 (2003) Part D 307-317

·         Experimental investigation of the pressure drop in porous ceramic diesel particulate filters. Proc Instn Mech Engrs Vol 216 (2002) Part D, 773-784

·         Mathematical Modeling of Catalytic Exhaust Systems for EURO-3 and EURO-4 Emissions Standards. Proc. Inst. Mech. Engrs., Vol 215, (2001) Part D, 1005-1015

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